n average, employees who get a job offer that requires them to relocate have a mere 2 weeks to decide whether they want to formally accept the position. The timeline could be even shorter in hot job markets—employers are wary about candidates shopping their offers around to competitors for a better setup…so they turn up the pressure.Regardless, 14 days or less isn’t much time to think over such a big change. In addition to making a career shift, a job transfer means finding a new house, general physician, grocery store, and social circle. And as a homeowner, you can’t just break your lease and be on your way—you’ll have to sell the house (likely on a tight deadline).Whether you’re the type of person who makes pros and cons lists or just needs to talk things through, we’ve rounded up 10 critical job relocation questions to ask before you sell your house to uproot for work so you cover all your bases.

1. What are the financial implications of selling my house and buying one in a new location?

Before you make the decision to relocate, it’s a good idea to ballpark how much you’d pocket from selling your house, and figure out how far that money would stretch in a new location that may have a drastically different cost of living. Will you be going from a spacious single-family to a shack with shared walls in a more expensive city? Or could a relocation mean you’re finally able to trade up to a nicer place?

Don’t just guess… do the math. You can follow this quick step-by-step: